Arrivals & Departures

by Fearless Freep

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released May 23, 2012



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Fearless Freep Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fearless Freep lives in Ann Arbor and records original music in his spare time (and bedroom). His daily high-dive act involves writing about global health at the University of Michigan.

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Track Name: Target

we had a discussion and you said I'm on track
but am I on target, or is it on my back?
I'll take a number and I'll wait my turn
the hardest lessons are the ones we don't learn in time

and we don't choose love
no we couldn't if we tried
we don't ever get a say no no no

and we don't choose love
there's no use putting up a fight
'cause win or lose, we've got play the game

I'll out your survey and I'll complete your forms
everyone keeps track but no one knows the score
I'll drink some more Kool-Aid maybe buy a new suit
don't matter my skill set, I'll show up and look cute
I'll be fine

and I don't choose love ...

I'll make the coffee and I'll turn on the lights
I'll shut them off when I go home at night
a morning commute for a job that don't pay me to care
but that's not how I was raised, remember

we don't choose love ...
Track Name: Harsh Winter

William Core in the Civil War
planted 100 apple trees
stand today, only four
they're twisted remnants what they used to be

but this year those ugly branches
they were loaded, weighted down
that's a sign, that's a sign

of a harsh winter coming

I sit alone in this booth for two
I write down simple words for you
but you never heard of no William Core
or his 100 acres, or the Civil War

but you don't need him to tell you
just look at me sitting here alone
you'll see that it's a sign, gotta see a sign

of a harsh winter coming

and I know exactly how I got here
and I know exactly what went wrong
it were a silly game to play
but I thought it'd be okay
it seemed so long, so damn long ago

a stool away, see him frown
he got half a pitcher down
an old man with a gray beard
and a house tab and lonely ear

he stood up, put on his jacket
rubbed his back, and he moaned
he said "I feel it here when the weather turns cold
son I'm old and that's a sign
of a harsh winter coming"

and I know exactly how I got here ...
Track Name: Both of Us

well it’s blue in the bowl and it’s pink on the wrist
you take a little off the top, take everything
a two-week vacation it comes down to this
you get a waiting room, bag full of magazines

it’s pre-dawn for a car ride
we’re going to get something of your chest
but the boy down the hall got a stuffed superhero
and Smiley won’t ask, but he’ll tell you what’s best

and you’re mad
why you angry
why you angry enough for the both us now
and there’s no sense trying to worry
about something you can’t change anyhow

they wheel you although you could walk it
we’re going to count backward from ten
nine …
eight …
get up and get dressed cause you’re home again home again

and you’re mad …

and all the old women will call on the phone lines
and ask Him to make it all right
but you’re riding shotgun
anesthesia driving
and I’m in the back seat I’m seething

you know I’m mad …
Track Name: Arrivals

moving sidewalks, tiny wheels
cocktail napkin chit-chat
and echoing heels
and I'm bound for a place
that feels like it's home
a three hour difference
that ain't nothing you know

so wait for me darling
'cause I'll be there tonight
it's only a four hour flight

and I'm falling ... for you

there's garbled announcements
from speakers above
security checkpoint, they're lining us up
but I keep my head down
keep my music turned up
keep thinking of you girl
I keep picturing us

so wait for me darling ...

and I'm falling for you ...

and you know that I'm coming home to you
Track Name: Departures (Sunday Morning)

why you so angry?
frustrated 'cause the world won't change for you
could be anything you want to be
if the darkness doesn't swallow you

and the shadow-speckled ground
you know it's like our hearts
in some places the light shines and other places dark

and with each sip of coffee
bring the sun a little
higher in the blue sky
I can you see so clearly with a smile on your lips
and tear in your eye

and love brings us together
and in love we fall apart
it can be your inspiration
or leave you at the start

and it's a Sunday morning
I love you oh so well
and I can hear you call across the miles
home is a mission bell

there ain't no use complaining
no good spitting upwind
we've got the same old brilliant ideas again and again

and love we stay together
and in love we fall apart
oversee my renovation or strip me for spare parts

and it's a Sunday morning ...

and in love we stay together
and in love we fall apart
honey be my illumination
or leave me in the dark

and it's a Sunday morning ...
Track Name: Big Top Show

I live in the desert east of California
it's been about four years gone since
I jumped that circus train
and threw my lot in with these hucksters
on the big top show
don't peek behind the curtain
some things are better not to know

see the lizard man
his face is covered with tattoos
check out the bearded lady -
she's a dude from Santa Cruz
the midway barker will seduce you
with his lies and love and luck
at first he'll pick your pocket girl
then he'll pick you up

’cause we are barkers
we are cheaters
we are liars
we are thieves
we’re in the business of denial
yeah we are selling you your dreams
and we are good at it
we’re better than you’ll ever know
so come on step right up now people
for the big top show

Leon is a strongman, claims to lift 1,000 pounds
but those barbells are hollow
magnets hold them to the ground
Trixie is the madame of a tent they call ‘Delights’
you can see them lining up for her
almost every Friday night

because we are barkers ...

Lady Kathryn is our psychic
she’ll tell you what you wanna hear
the conjoined twins are sick today
so you’ll have to come back next year
the world’s largest lady
she died three weeks ago
we had a moment of silence for her
before we buried there by the road

because we are barkers ...
Track Name: Sarah

Sarah looks me in the eye
asks me if we’re past our prime
are we only marking time?
I said I didn’t think so

Sarah orders one more drink
it’s one too many, you might think
for the middle of the week
but she says we deserve it

Sarah don’t be sad tonight
everything will be just fine
I promise you that the best is yet to come
Sarah make a wish and throw your penny on in now
I’d give my wish to you
I hope they both come true, Sarah

we stay out ’til 1:30
she talks about her family
she asks me if mine’s as crazy
I say, "hey, isn’t everyone’s?"
when we’re slowly walking back
she’s got my sweatshirt on her back
it’s getting hard now to relax
but I think that I manage it

Sarah don't be sad tonight ...
Track Name: Shorthand

she says she don’t need no one to come to her rescue
and that’s good cause I ain’t got no oars
I’ve been adrift out in this desert float along until
I see her distant shores

maybe I’m the one needs rescuing tonight
maybe she’ll throw me a line
it’s funny how the more I feel the less I say
the more free my heart, the more my tongue gets tied
but I hope she knows that I’m thinking of her tonight

self-park garage, a friendly hug
she takes my hand – there goes the rug
an August romance underneath florescent lights
a nice wine buzz, a rooftop bar
from up here we can so so far
and I’ve become aware that my hand is on her thigh

maybe I’m the one …

a stolen glass, a nervous kiss
the things that make relationships
the tiny gestures that no one else would understand
you build a language all your own
hand signals, mirrors, inside jokes
and over time they become a kind of shorthand

maybe I’m the one … yeah I hope you know that I’m thinking of you tonight
Track Name: Enough For Me

there are some things i’d take back
but most things that i’d give
and there are some days I could crack
but mostly i wanna live
and there are some songs i can’t sing
but no songs i cannot shout
there are lots of girls i think of
but it’s you can’t live without

whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh
but it’s you i can’t live without
whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh

there are things i should not say
but i rarely let that stop me
and there are bets i should not take
but c’mon just try and top me
and there are some rules i won’t break
oh but most of them i do
and there are some thoughts i can shake
but i can’t shake the thought of you

whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh
i can’t shake the thought of you
whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh

there are things i should not smoke
and drinks that i shouldn’t drink
and there are things that are no joke
but they still seem pretty funny to me
and there are places in this world
that i’ll never get to see
but as long as you’re here with me
girl there’s no place i’d rather be

whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh
there’s no place i’d rather be
whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh

there are signs i should obey
and red flags that i should heed
there’s hidden dangers along the way
that i ignore i will concede
that there are dreams i should give up
some things were never meant to be
but in the end if i’m enough
for you girl that’ll be enough for me

whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh
yeah that’ll be enough for me
whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh … that’ll be enough for me
Track Name: Showdown at Jericho Hill

meet me there tonight on top of Jericho Hill
if we don’t make our stand right now I fear we never will
I got nothin’ left to say
I got blood left to spill
on Jericho Hill

we’ll release the horses, they got no part in this
we’ll clean our six guns well, tie our holsters to our hips
I’ll pull my hat brim low
you’ll shove a smoke between your lips
and then we’ll take the higher ground
plan an ambush from it

darlin’ here we go
I got one in my sights
won’t you cover me while I reload?
we might not see another sunrise
but I’m proud to stand with you if this is our last fight

now I’m winged in the left shoulder
and it hurts like bloody hell
I’ve done for half a dozen of ‘em
but I’m runnin’ out of shells

sheriff hollers ‘give it up young man!’
but we both know damn well
that I’d take the final bullet
before he’d see me in a cell

and they got a length of rope for me
yeah they wanna see me hung
for a crime I swear to you that I never done
what’s more I think he knows
his deputy’s the guilty one

they had to frame me up
so I had to cut and run

partner here we go ...

they told me "come on outta there – hold your hands way up high!"

as you might expect, I hollered down
"you’ll never take me back alive!"
I hauled leather, my six gun it hammered at the sky
the sheriff fell down dead
I hit him square between the eyes

darlin’ here we go ...
but I’m proud to stand with you if this is our last fight