by Fearless Freep

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released August 1, 2009



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Fearless Freep Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fearless Freep lives in Ann Arbor and records original music in his spare time (and bedroom). His daily high-dive act involves writing about global health at the University of Michigan.

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Track Name: What I Want
it's easy to hide, it's easy to pretend that it's not there
it's easy to ignore, deride, descend inside
of your mind to act like you don't care
but you do, yeah you do
and it's why you keep checking for some mixed messages
or some sign that it's come too far
for you to ignore

but you are what i want

you said he treats you like a friend
i think he looks for trouble
you said you won't go back again
but walk a tightrope and you're bound to tumble down
so low that you know there's only
one direction you could go
he'll change, yeah he swears it's true
he's always saying that he's thinking about you

but you are what i want

waiting for a phone call
pace around the bedroom
write down all the words that
i would never say, i'm ...

... to you are what i want

it's easy to hide, it's easy - you pull the shades down low
it's easy to make up an alibi
put on a fake disguise that they'll never recognize
it's been your MO
but get up and get out
because despite what they say, it don't work itself out
you'll change, yeah you swear that's true
but i'm the only one who's always thinking about you

and you are what i want
you are what i want
Track Name: Fabulous Las Vegas
so everyone thought they'd lost their minds
when they looked out over the valley
and only saw dollar signs
but they built it anyway
and all the people came
in their minds they brought a way
but in their pockets they brought change

they're all gone and it's too late goodbye, so long
all that's left now is for us to move on

and i don't see how you could live here slowly
everyone and everything gets swept along a neon wave
when the lights went out on the boulevard it was only
a sign that no one ought to live this way

now everyone here has gone and lost their mind
anger rises like the city's rising skyline
look for a place to place the blame
by the time it's done it's far too late

it's far too late they're long gone
it's far too late goodbye so long
all that's left now is for us move on

they said, 'don't you worry about tonight my child
'they're gonna treat you right
'they're gonna see you through'
now we're headed for a breakdown
i said we're all sinking fast but honey all i want
is to outlast you

in a city that has lost it's mind
it would never last forever
it was only a matter of time
Track Name: Resolution No. 2
gonna start the motor on the last drive of the year
i got 20 miles to town
to think about mistakes i made, the people i let down

i got no girl, it's only me now and my regret
but there's a room full of possibility:
blonde, redhead, and brunette

you wave goodbye to days fading in the rearview
push it down, bury the needle on this country road
don't let up
the future's caught in headlights in the windshield
turn the radio up, head west, baby let's go

it's five minutes to countdown
i got champagne in my hand
they put it in a plastic cup
you fucking can't get glass unless you're with the band

i watch the couples slow dance
a few people sing along and then the tv set
in the corner says that the year that's past is going

gonna start the motor on the first drive of the year
i got a half a mile to town
to think about the things i want
the friends that i know now

i'll try to make up to you ...
Track Name: Fossils
i found a few of your things here
that you must have forgot
it was piled away into a corner, it wasn't a lot
just a candle, an old T-shirt and couple CDs
i found this polaroid picture that you took of your feet

it's a past i never really think about
it seems so out of reach

do you wonder what happened, or just never look back?
those times are fossils in the ground so long
that they've turned to sand and
you could dig up the pieces for clues to our past
try to take them all the way they never come out intact

tonight i'll through this stuff again say
'tomorrow i'll go ahead and throw it all away'
but then i again i trick myself
into thinking maybe someday ...
and i've got the shelf space anyway

the fossil record from those years
is mostly buried from view
the layers: time, a little distance and relationships too
all i have are these relics
they're all i've got
while i don't dig them up that often i think of them a lot

and you give yourself away
Track Name: Lie To Me
she watched the clock tick by the seconds
shifts her weight from side to side
in the waiting room chair
she wishes they'd just call her name
and take through the back
right now she'd rather be anywhere but here

she thinks, 'lie to me and tell me now that you don't care'

in a moment of reflection
he thinks about events that led them both to here
it's little wonder how it happened
and little consolation in those little tears

he thinks lie to me and tell me now that you don't care

and there's nothing he could say now
yeah there's nothing that could make it better anyhow
she said, 'go ahead and lie to me'

it take less than half an hour
the same amount of time it took to get them here
he thinks maybe he should buy some flowers
but all the roses in the world can't make him disappear

and there's nothing that he could say now
no there's nothing that could make it better anyhow
he thinks, 'go ahead and lie to me'

lie to me and tell me now that you don't care
Track Name: All In
you came back love
i scarcely believed it i tried to let you go
i tried to let you go
thought i had succeeded
but you fill up my dreams
look for you in a crowd
once i thought i saw you but a stranger turned around

there have been other women
i told them that i loved them
i don't believe that i was lying
but i'm not the way i was - the way i am
in love with you
and how i wanted to be so reckless and in love
so reckless

you are off to vegas
and i'm hoping that you're coming back
but i'm betting that you'd stay on
you said we could make this
so i'm all in, i'm all in now

it's the middle of the night
somewhere outside Grayling on I-75
got a mix cd is playing
and i'm racing my heart south
got a breakfast date waiting on me
and i'm recklessly in love, recklessly

i might be brave
i might be reckless
i might be lonely
you might be tempted
the odds are long
there are no guarantees
so roll the dice babe
and we'll see what we will see
Track Name: What You Do
what would you do when everyone's gone?
when no one's looking
or telling you right from wrong?

(you don't mind ... you don't care)

do you indulge your every impulse?
consequences be damned
cause fuck it - you're your own boss

you keep on going, faster faster
while the demons on your heels
keep on chasing after
keep on going, farther farther
but this road's a circle, end up back where you started
keep on running through the day and night
if you just squeeze your eyes shut
it's easy to pretend it's all right

yeah you don't it's just what you do

they say we're damned to repeat our mistakes
revisionist history overlooks plans cast away

(you don't mind ... you don't care)

and over your shoulder your past falls behind
up ahead there's no change in the horizon line

we leave behind the ones
who tend to to think the most of us
it's crazy but it's true
Track Name: The Arm Tattoo I Never Got
we used to hang out late, well into the night
when the dawn comes it's ok
sunglasses guard against the light

what ever happened to you(th)?
it disappeared, we don't seem to find it
except on friday nights it catches up with us
and we don't recognize it

we used to wear our jeans with holes
sandals any season
and we'd drive all night long to see a show
you know we didn't need a reason

try as we might to stay young
it's a losing battle we're fighting
when a happy hour from 4 to 7:30
is what we call exciting

it's ok there's a lot of bad to leave behind anyway
i don't mind, not a lot
hell i barely miss the arm tattoo that i never got

why don't we go out tonight and stay out til the sunup?
cause i feel all right
and tonight that's enough

we'll slip out over the edge
trade lost days for new ones
wonder if the people ten years older
have ever felt like you once

but you know it's all right, it's ok
there's a lot of bad to leave behind any
i don't mind, not a lot
hell i barely miss the arm tattoo that i never got
Track Name: I Would Be Yours
your smile, you hide it from me
and your thoughts are all your own
what's inside, i don't get to see
i'm still waiting ... still waiting
the red wine can go to your head
the past, it's a poorly set bone that never quite healed
what was it you said? 'i'll do it on my own.'

but if you felt as good as you look now
in that black dress tonight
your tears would never defy you
for what's going on inside
so if only for a moment ...
i'm gonna wait right here
until it's all clear for you

wake up alone on your couch
your clock reads 3:34
i hear you get out of bed, step down the hallway
check if i'm there and shutting your door

but i would bring you water
you don't ask but you don't have to
cause you know if you did that i would be yours

wake up, the morning light
creeps through your blinds and falls on the floor
two empty wine glasses that i take from the table
set them on the counter on my way to the door
the red wine, it's gone to my head
my past, it's a permanent scar that never quite healed
all the things left unsaid -
i think about them on my way to the car
Track Name: Three Hour Difference
three time zones and two thousand miles
i know it seems like we sometimes go a while
but the times we have
if we can make them count
they will sustain us of that i have no doubt

what's a mountain range to the ties that bind?
it's nothing to us now over this long-distance line
keep us going until the next day comes
it's never too far off but never close enough

the desert sun shines out the window
i got my backs packed and they're tucked in the cargo hold
and the patchwork of the landscape flows below me
it's not enough
no it's never enough ...
Track Name: Weekend Getaway
you know we're sneaking out of work early
it's been a long week and we been working so hard
we gotta gas up the car, pack up the cooler
if we leave right now we'll hit the border by dark

i hate to see you sweating the small stuff
you get ready while i pack up the car
we got 400 miles to forget all our troubles
get out of this city for a brand new start

we gotta make some time now
c'mon now baby
we're gonna drive and drive and drive
c'mon hop in honey and we'll get away tonight

go ahead and put your head on my shoulder
i'll go ahead and rest my hand on your knee
the mile markers count down to the stop at the border
but the white lines measure all the space in between

been driving all night on nothing but coffee
with the sun coming up over the baja shores
so wake up doll, let's go wade in the ocean
find a little place for breakfast
hit the town and explore
Track Name: Lean Your Weight On Me
no matter what they do to hurt you
no matter how hard they could work you
no matter when they run and desert you
i will always be there ... always

and i want you to lean your weight on me

no one ever promised you
that it would be easy to grow up
but did anyone tell you that you'd be alone -
well you know what?
there are people who will run
they said that they'll stay
and there are people who'll shrug at you and walk away
but i will always be there ... always

and i want you to lean your weight on me

when the world's on fire
when it crumbles down
yeah the world's on fire
i will come around

don't wait too long ...