This Island Life

by Fearless Freep

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released December 25, 2009



all rights reserved


Fearless Freep Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fearless Freep lives in Ann Arbor and records original music in his spare time (and bedroom). His daily high-dive act involves writing about global health at the University of Michigan.

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Track Name: The Wedding Present
all the miles between us, the gestures you don't make
the telephone apologies ring hollow
in the face of the past that you bring with you
it's heavy and it's long
and it don't bear repeating now so let's just drag it along

and yeah i know that you and i both know it
but waiting months to spend a weekend
is no way to in love

for crying out loud, we've been here before
we've covered this ground, we've settled the score
why do we keep on counting?

you think it'd be so easy, but it never is that way
the things that shouldn't matter
matter from far away
you could come up in november
you got those three days off
but all i'd do is think about how the next day
you'd be gone

if we're back at the start and do it over again
would it come out different, or the same at the end?
should we maybe have waited?
but there's no time for that now
it is what it is and so we gotta make it through somehow
until summer comes around

yeah i know we're trying
we talk four times a day
you tell me that you miss me but i ain't got much to say
now the daylight hours are fading
it'll frost tomorrow night
the trees have turned
without you here the colors don't seem bright
Track Name: Good Company, Well Met
you sent me a message, i didn't reply
who needs yours when i got mine?
you get just one chance to reach out
you can be silent, or you can stand up and shout

and i
i'd give you one more
i'd give you one more chance
to go

whispered talking in hushed tones
everybody's got an opinion
but nobody knows
did you make a decision or did you make a mistake?
either way in the end my friend
it's hard to take

will you drink my friends to the earth,
the days passed upon it,
to good company, well-met,
and friends passed on?

i will

people ask themselves, 'what if?'
i guess the second guessing is a part of it ...
Track Name: This Island Life
the island life is overrated
the sand gets into all the tiny places
between the toes, the nooks and the crannies
the pillow case, the sheets
even the crack of your fanny

mountain living seems like the high life
wide open vistas, waterfalls and wildlife
you might tolerate the altitude
but when you're snowed in tell me
what you gonna do for your food?

oh send me a hot air balloon cause i wanna go home

this desert life might sound appealing
sunny 365 with no rain
but tell me do you really wanna live in a place
where you know that the seven-day forecast
will show each is gonna be just a little bit
hotter than the last?

you might think that beach bum's a lucky fella
hammocks and little run drinks with cocktail umbrellas
but when the tide decides to take your house out to sea
well then seaside living, my friends,
is no day at the beach
Track Name: Lori's Revenge
she stood up straight on a power-trip feeling
in the back of her mind: the same lingering doubt
that always followed her home
confidence stealing
but she'd talk herself through it
cause there's no going back now

it's the point of no return
it's sink or swim, fly or crash and burn
do what i said, no one gets hurt
at least you tried ...

there was ice in her spine, steal in her pocket
as she strode up the walk
and through the automatic glass doors
there was no one around
save for the man at the counter
'hello john,' she said. 'i'm here to settle a score.'

there was the flash in eyes of stark recognition
as he looked in her face and down to the gun
and he started to speak but she wouldn't listen
she pulled the trigger six times
and there was nowhere to run

the case seemed open-and-shut
police found the register open
all the twenties were missing and john's wallet too
and when they came to her door
sad-faced and soft-spoken
she had to bite back a smile
while they relayed the bad news
Track Name: Better in the Dark
'the city's nice tonight.' a casual remark
he said, 'why should you be surprised?
'some things are better in the dark.'
and she just rolled her eyes
and put her window down
she swung her arm into the breeze
it pushed her hand around

and they both knew in their own way it was over

up on the boulevard in towering hotels
it seems the whole world is on holiday
pretending all is well

she wants a piece of it. he wants to tear it down
this tragic world of make-believe
thin skin on empty ground

he was hoping it'd work out
he went all in. no going back now
it looks like he's here to stay

she was hoping it'd work out
she went all in. no going back now
they both know it's not ok. it's not ok.

in all the city lights none of the stars show much
there are no constellations in the sky
the moon keeps lonely watch
and when he spoke again it was too low to catch
oh but it didn't matter anyway
she didn't ask what he said
Track Name: Cut Your Losses
we sit here with nothing to say
waiting for the silence to fill up all of this space
we said it all before
and it's too late now to retread all of the same ground
over and over and over

i think i might've seen the light
all it took was just one night
and now i'm tired of holding my hand inside the fire

the good times, the memories, shared promises and hope
they're like so many autumn leaves
buried in the snow

sometimes when it don't work
you've gotta cut all your losses
gotta get the hell out
it's hard to know to go or stay
when to tough it out baby or just run away
and sometimes in the end it doesn't matter which way
cause the results is the same

you said what goes around, it comes around
but baby tell me something i don't already know
cause at the end of the day
it's a goddam shame
people thinking nothing of it
easy come, easy go
Track Name: A White Sand Beach
it's time to get away mama before we get too old
i wanna feel a little sand between my toes
i wanna do what i want
don't wannat do the shit that i been told
i wanna crank it up loud
gonna play a little rock n' roll

that's right -
don't you dare try to tell me what to do. this is my life

we gotta run out of here
before this ugly place can take it's toll
let's find a white sand beach
with a sky that looks like solid gold
i wanna do what i want
and what i wanna do is hit the road
with the top down, sun on the face and the radio

i could plan our great escape
i don't wanna wait another day
my mind's made up, my bags are packed
and i'm on my way

let's get out of here mama
before it's too late and we're too old
keep the car between the lines
keep the pedal down to lock and load
i wanna do what i want
don't wanna do the shit that i been told
i'll hang my arm out the window
put the stereo as loud as it goes
Track Name: My Side of Town
every good old dog deserves a bone
and every homesick man deserves a home
if i could take all the things that you don't know
i could fill up an ocean and it'd still overflow

i don't mind a little smoke every now and again
with a bottle of beer or a tonic and gin
if feeling good is great and feeling great's a sin
well then send me all the way to hell and back again

when the rules and regulations get you down
and it seems like there's just no good way around
if the voices in your head get a little loud
head to my side of town

my favorite excuse is five o' clock
and my best 'i'm sorry' is 'thanks a lot'
i'm always looking for something that'll hit the spot
if a little's good i'd rather have a lot

i like gin and vodka more than whiskey or jack
i like to sit back, strum guitar and relax
i don't like to work, but i take up the slack
i'm not a fan of spring forward. don't mind falling back

on my side we can see it all
on my side we don't sit around waiting for no phone call
we could change our lives
we could change our tune
we call back in six months time just to check up on you
we could change it all on my side

i could tell you that i love you and you might buy it
i could tell you i feel bad about your crying
i could promise you just a little more trying
to make this work
but i'd be lying
Track Name: Low Bidder
i'm a firecracker on the 5th of july
was gonna go out with a bang
but i stayed in with a sigh

you're a single re-mastered
sold for $4.99
i will tag along after
the old forgotten b-side

we tend to dwell upon our yesterdays
instead of thinking about tomorrow

i'm a dog with no master wandering all along
i got a stick i'd go after
if you'll just give it a throw
i'm a telecaster with a busted string
a balloon boy in the rafters
a phone that never will ring

if i were asked to pinpoint the spot
when my soul went on the auction block
it would be last night and you'd be the low bidder

i'm the information but not the answer you seek
i'm an NPR station at the start of pledge week
Track Name: Tiny Song
this is my tiny song
i hope that you sing along
it's quiet, small, a mid-tempo
count the one. steady as we go

this is my tiny song
short and sweet
it's not too long
a simple refrain
a simple tune
i made it up in my room

and then we move into a chorus
from G we go to F
A minor, then E, back to F
that's my tiny song

this has been my tiny song
i hope that you will sing along
i only wrote a single verse
that's why this is like the first